Make yourself a real treat and get your hands on one of the fine bottles of “Saveurs Lakay” Kremas.

Saveurs Lakay transpires from our desire to galvanize a precious heritage, made up of pride, enthusiasm and passion, but also of knowledge, experience and a deep love for our land and our culture.  We are in a mission to maintain our traditions pristine, with great commitment and professionalism.  Enjoy the taste of Haiti’s traditional holiday drink, available all year long shipped anywhere in the United States. Our Kremas Lakay is made with coconut milk, Cinnamon and the finest Haitian rum. We also have Kremas Kafe made with real coffee and Ginger Kremas made out of real ginger.

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Ready to indulge? It doesn’t get much better than coffee flavored Kremas, made with love and real organic coffee.

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