Haitian Kremas

How about tasting one of the finest and creamiest alcoholic beverages in the world? Kremas is a celebratory drink in Haiti, loved by all its locals and visitors alike. Our cream liquor contains a blend of cinnamon, rich coconut, and an original rum mixture. It is, by all means, a Haitian Eggnog that you ought to try.

Pristine Flavour from The Finest Ingredients

Our Cremas has an impeccable taste thanks to the authentic ingredients we use. By adding coconut milk, cinnamon, and the finest Haitian-made rum, the Kremas takes shape. Its liquor thickness is just right, with an explosion of flavor that you can’t deny. We think it’s the perfect addition to a beautiful afternoon, a gift to yourself offered in good taste.

A classic syrupy sweetness gives our Haitian Kremas a unique flair. Cinnamon and other spices like nutmeg reveal rich flavors that stir your taste buds unlike anything else. Most of the ingredients are things everyone has lying around in the kitchen. Rum acts as the primary alcoholic kick, something to spice things up. It also gives the eggnog its specific color, though it largely depends on the type of rum you use.

Different rum types have specific colors, and this influences the color of the Kremas. The recipe is also simple enough that anyone can replicate it at home. Of course, there may or may not be a couple of secret ingredients that make our Haitian Cremasse special! Care to give it a taste? Kremas is the perfect companion to a sweet dessert during the Christmas holidays.

Is Haitian Kremas the Same as Eggnog?

While we refer to our Kremas as an Eggnog, it’s not technically accurate. The difference lies in the name. Eggnog contains eggs, which give it that syrupy and creamy texture. After adding spices and an alcoholic beverage of your choosing, the eggnog is complete. But our Cremasse is a bit different because it doesn’t contain eggs. It’s an eggless Eggnog, in other words.

We rely on coconut cream to thicken the blend, achieving the same result as with eggs. But unlike the boring eggs, coconut cream brings a delicious flavor to the mix. After countless tests, we’ve found that coconut cream achieves the perfect synergy with cinnamon and Haitian rum.

That extra coconut flavor is a world of taste away from simple eggnog. While we aren’t disparaging eggnog, we believe our Haitian Kremas is a more exuberant and flavorful beverage. Every drink is good in its own way, and the Haitian interpretation of the classic egg drink aims to elevate the Haitian culinary culture to a new level!

Why Choose Haitian Kremas?

We want our customers to enjoy a Cremasse of refined flavor, a creamy liquor that sets your taste buds ablaze. Shortly, our Haitian Eggnog delivers a rare culinary experience that you wouldn’t want to miss. A few reasons why you’d care to partake in Kremas are:

  • 100% Authentic and Natural Ingredients – We use pristine Haitian rum, coconut cream, cinnamon, lemon, and other spices
  • Fast Shipping – We ship your Haitian Kremas in 1-3 weekdays through USPS Priority Shipping services
  • Constant Availability – You don’t have to buy Kremas only on holidays. We’ve made it available all year long. So, when you want a sip, give us a holler, and we’ll respond in kind!
  • Member Discounts – Both new and old members of our Haitian Kremas gathering receive plenty of benefits. Great deals ready and waiting for you!

Whether you’re a connoisseur of liqueurs or a newcomer, Haitian Kremas is a must-try. Its refined flavors and intense sweetness accompany the alcoholic sting that will make you want to try more!